- 105mm disc X 20mm hole X 1.8mm thickness

- capable of cutting tile, stone, cement, concrete, brick

- wet surface makes it easier to cut

- grinder or cutter is needed

Bosun diamond cutting disc 4"

  • - Before using it, please make sure that it is not broken, If default, using it, is prohibited. Before assembly it, make sure the disc's ring is fit perfectly into the hole. The difference must not be more than 0.1mm.


    - Follow the arrow given on the disc to assemble. It is the cutting direction. Please do not cut in anyway except in a straight line. Make sure the speed of this disc has reached your requirement. This is to prevent any unnecessary injury.


    - Make sure the disc does not stay cutting for a long period of time during dry cutting. This might affect the disc's efficiency and life span. Cool the disc with water during cutting but beware of leakage.


    - Professional advices that after assembled the disc, rotate the disc for a few minutes. After making sure it does not swing or pulse, cut a few times on an abrasive wheel or a red brick. This would make a fine result during work. If the disc is not sharp, please use a silicon carbide sharpening stone to sharpen it.


    - Cutting machine itself needs to have safety precautions. User needs to wear face mask, safety goggle, hand gloves and other safety equipment etc.